Crosley brand appliances are often less expensive and affordable

You may find it helpful to search google for the following keyword terms

  • Affordable brands 
  • Generic brands
    • Budget appliance brands
    • Low cost brands

You might also consider “refurbished” or reconditioned appliances that can come with a warranty from the seller

Below are some price examples of Refrigerator/freezer pricing for both refurbished and new “generic” low cost brand

Refurbished Refrigerator & Freezer price
 $220 15 qf (cubic feet). 16 QF- 18 QF $240- 270

1. 15 QF New Crosley refrigerator $429
  This includes 1 to 10 year mfr warranty (depending on the component)
2. 18 Q.F Refrigerator/freezer new $529 + tax
Chest freezer $299 (New) crosley 10 qf $299