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We repair/install Every kind of Appliance and all brands 


 Repair today any type of appliance make, model or brand. Fix imports or domestic 

Kitchen Appliances, Plumbing fixtures and Cabinets2 Door side-by -side refrigerator Front loading washing machine appliance repaircondensors_outdoors_h9rg_o5m2_8gzh_ah6h_g9ts_m492 - CopyVikingElectrical wiring expert servicemajor_brand_logo_001_n8hu

Fix Any Residential and Commercial

Appliances including:

Refrigerators Freezer appliances

Washing machines


Water heaters

Ranges & Stoves, Ovens

Cook-top  & cooking appliances

Convection ovens

Microwave ovens


HDTV Television

Garbage disposals

Garage door openers

  • HVAC
  • Audio and Video installation and repair
  • Alarms
  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Installation
  • Plus every type of home repair and maintenance

24/7 All brand Refrigeration: Residential and Commercial refrigeration

24 hour Home maintenance & emergency repairs including 24/7 plumbing service hotline


1.  Residential refrigeration appliance repair center service 

  • Side-by-side refrigerator and freezer repair
      • Bottom mount freezers
      • Top mount freezer
      • Wine cooler
      • Ice-Maker and cold water-dispenser repair

    2. Commercial refrigeration appliance repair
    Beverage & Wine cooler repair
    Freezer walk-in box serviceTrue Beverage Refrigeration Display Case

    •    Ice-Maker Service
  •    “Walk in” boxes repair service




3. Range Stove  appliance repair service

  • Stove and oven repair
    •  Counter-top “cook-top” repair
    • Gas & electric appliance range repair

4. Washing-machine and Dryer appliance repair Commercial/Residential laundry


Top loading washer service including:

Front loading clothes washer & dryer repair

Commercial laundry Service and maintenance

Wascomat products
Front loading clothes washer

Coin operated washer and dryer equipment
All US Brand appliance service
Imported brands
5. Dishwasher repair service

US brands & Imports

6. Hot Water Heater repair service and installation
Gas water heater
Electric element troublshooting and repair

7. HVAC service and installation

8. Garbage disposal troubleshooting and replacement:

Money saving tip: Many brands contain a ‘reset’ botton. Please try the reset before calling for service

Microwave repairs:
specializing in built in & High-end units

Calling our hotline for service is one of the best and most efficient ways of getting fast service anywhere in the US during the day, night, or weekends!

For any type of service please call Now 888 349-6694 Click on blue phone number to dial directly from mobile screen

Partial List of Services and Brands

The list below includes appliance brands that fall into the following classifications. You could use the bulleted terms listed here to further refine your search :

Major appliance
Electric appliances
Appliance service
Kitchen appliances
Heating appliances
Electric heating
Gas heating
Oil heating
Electric heater
Water heater
Solar water heater
Geo-thermal heating and cooling
Central-air conditioning
HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning
Window air conditioning
Electric appliances
Domestic (US brands) and imported appliances
Home electric appliances,
Built-in appliances
Under-the-counter appliances
Designer appliances
High-end brands (Top of the line appliances)
Affordable brands
Generic brands
Low cost brands
Residential (home) appliances
Kitchen appliance brands
Refrigeration brands
Home appliance brands
Commercial appliance brands
Cooking appliance brands
Wall oven
Counter top stove
Gas ranges
(Glass) cook-top
Washer and dryers: Laundry equipment brands
Residential and commercial Coin operated machines