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Affordable & Low cost appliance brands

Crosley brand appliances are often less expensive and affordable

You may find it helpful to search google for the following keyword terms

Affordable brands 
Generic brands

Budget appliance brands
Low cost brands

You might also consider “refurbished” or reconditioned appliances that can come with a warranty from the seller

Below are some price examples of Refrigerator/freezer pricing for both refurbished and new […]

Appliance and HVAC Brand Name List

Note that to find the  comprehensive Brand list please follow this link: List of Appliance and HVAC Brand Names in the US Market!

Note: The list that you can access is one of the most comprehensive lists that can be found. This list includes more brands even than the extensive wikipedia list below.

Note: Currently, as of 1.30.2015, the #1 […]

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