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People underestimate how critical a clean condenser is for the long-term health, efficiency, and longevity the refrigerator-freezer unit

The refrigerator-freezer releases heat into your home through a fan (called the condenser fan) blows room temperature air against hot coils packed with condensed refrigeration.  

The modern refrigerator-  is often boxed in (similar to the dryer.) While these are two very different appliances that work very differently both the refrigeration unit and the clothes dryer share a similar preventable problem. A potential for “Poor air-flow & obstruction”. Many are not aware of this, but this can and does cause, or indirectly contributes to product failures in my opinion consisting of  20-40% of breakdowns (estimate arrived at based on personal observation).

At the bottom of the refrigerator, in the condenser, normal dust that is present in any home begins to accumulate into a confined space. Many people don’t often notice, or know of its existence over-time can (similar to the dryer vent) cause the unit to overheat and cause multiple types of failures. A clean condenser maximizes efficiency and prevents future problems.The refrigerator/freezer condenser is often located at the bottom of the fridge (though sometimes on high-end brands is on the top of the built-in-side-by-side refrigerator freezer, it is located above the unit). 

FYI There are specifically designed brushes for cleaning both the refrigeration condenser coil and the dryer vent. These can  be obtained through appliance part distributors and online


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