Simple easy fixes to try

Things to try before calling over a service repairman

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  1. Check the Electric circuit-breaker, it could have tripped.
  2. If the machine runs on 240 volts, sometimes one of the breakers is down, but you will not see it since it is being held by the second leg of the breaker. It is a good idea to turn both off and then on. USE CAUTION if the unit has a compressor: If you are powering off a circuit breaker or  unplugging a refrigerator or an HVAC unit which has a compressor,  it is recommended to  wait at least 5-7 minutes before turning the unit back on. If not, you could be damaging the unit!
  3. Is there a “Reset button”?  Some devices like “Garbage disposals” that grind up food waste do often have a reset button underneath them. You can check on the web for more details about your device with the brand and model, if you have this info.
  4. Electronic controls with out a ‘reset-button’ : Unplugging such a device for 1-3 minutes, with washers, dryers and other devices that  use a digital control sometimes helps reset the machine. No guarantee but this might be worth trying before hiring someone.
  5. Some “error codes”  if you’r lucky, they can get ‘re-set’ when you simply un-plug the device. Usually it does not hurt to try. NOTE:  Some error codes happen only some times AKA “INTERMITTENT malfunctions”  If after unplugging the machine, the error code is clear, check to see if the machine starts again and runs fine. If not, it might still be advisable to pay attention when the error code gets activated. When all is working fine and you call a tech for an intermittent problem, he might not be able to pin-point the problem. With error codes, It is best to see what ‘trips the machine’ first, and call the tech to come over when the problem is active… (You can consult with the repair company to see if they believe they can help diagnose the issue  when the problem is intermittent…
  6. Error codes, check online. Sometimes the “washing machine” lint trap is full of lint or junk. or the drain hose is kinked. The lint trap is usually accessible from the front of the washer and not very difficult to open. I recommend that you go online for instructions. Also, if the machine is full of water, make sure that you are prepared to avoid a flood.

Sometimes, an appliance needs to be “reset” if it has an electronic control. Or it could even be a blown circuit breaker. It is a good idea to start with the basic trouble shooting first.

“Another way to save is to check “Do it Yourself” websites to determine if you are able to solve the problem on your own. ”
Also, often has listings of less established businesses as well as some more established companies that at times offer discounts to craigslist shoppers.

We suggest that you use caution when dealing with companies that are less established. There are times that one can find less established service providers with reduced rates, but these may come with increased risk… So the savings could be offset by risk.