Strategies for finding the “best” contractor:

There are several qualities that we seek in a repair professional: We want him/her to be “Dependable”, “Reliable”, “Skilled” (which usually comes with “experience”) and “Trustworthy”. On top of these important qualities,  another priority is to “shop for a discount ” and stay-with-in our “budget” and “save”. All consumers want to ” be charged fairly and avoid being overcharged. In order to help consumers reach these objectives we have written several articles (see links to additional pages below).

The upshot of all our research, writing advice columns and our experience in the repair industry can be summed up with the following suggestions.

  • Compare and be aware of repair prices
  • Interview the repair people even before they show up
  • Get referrals
  • Don’t give an impression that you are willing to pay what ever price you will be charged (this can be done respectfully and tactfully without shaming the repair-technician)

We recommend that you 1st  Speak to several repair companies (by phone) to find out more about them: “How long have they have been in business”, “are there reviews online” that you can look at, “can they provide you with “referrals”?  I would also ask about fees and costs at this point. Asking these questions can enable you to form an impression as to their professionalism and help you decide if you feel comfortable hiring them.

Ask for a quote/estimate:  Even if a home visit is needed for a final estimate or diagnostic. I feel that I learn a lot when I call and ask to speak directly to the repairman or business owner to either get an estimate or a “big picture” diagnostic.  The goal is to get through, past the ‘gate-keeper’ (i.e. the phone receptionist) and get to speak to the ‘brains’ behind the operation. This might require patients though because the ‘boss’ might be unavailable and might need to call back.  If the boss is unavailable, I might ask to talk to a “service manager” or the actual ‘technician’ who will be dispatched to perform my repair. (It is up to you, the consumer, to decide how important it is for you to talk to them).


Note: To get a sense of prices for your service needs: You can call our number below to request and receive 3 to 4  separate quotes from 3 individual service providers  in your area

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